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“Got the job done with high quality and great communication”

– Amazon

“Loyal, professional, and committed”

“Adherence to key deadlines, deliverables and cost efficiencies”

– Microsoft

“Amazing, individual, customized solutions for the clients”

– SilverFox

Your [Experience] Made Digital

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Since 1993 Tri-Digital has been an innovator in digital media services, specializing in content capture and distribution of meetings, conferences and events worldwide. Today we continue to offer a full range of solutions to ensure the highest-quality recording and delivery of our client’s timely and important information.

Started In 1993
Based in Redmond, WA.
Your [Experience] Made Digital
We deliver AWESOME!

The content you have spent weeks and months creating is valuable and needs to be captured for repurposing or to help reach the widest audience necessary. We specialize in this service and provide you the highest quality version of that content for your virtual audience.

Data Only Capture
Video Only Capture
Switched Program Capture
Dual Source Capture
Multi-Source Capture
Standard Definition
High Definition
Closed Captioning

Our virtual services department allows you to extend the reach of your content to anyone around world. This can happen by adding a virtual experience to your pre-existing in person event making it a HYBRID experience, or through the use of our ALL-VIRTUAL experience where presenters and attendees are participating remotely.

Live Streaming
Virtual Trainings
Custom Streaming Players
Cloud Hosting
Virtual Conferencing Tool Management
Security Options
User Metrics and Reporting Dashboards
3rd Party Integration
Compatible with All Devices and OS

Our team is organized, detail-oriented, critical, and determined to deliver 100% of the content presented. We have a full in-house media production department who can produce everything from a basic trimmed file to custom detailed file editing with graphics – available in all file formats!

Standard File Trimming
Chapter Indexing
Video Bumpers
Custom Editing
Quick Turnaround
Content Management
File Handoff and Uploads
Archiving Solutions
Available in All File Formats

Tri-Digital has a full in-house design and development team who are constantly developing innovative solutions, allowing the end user to consume content easily and productively.

Video Content Libraries
Virtual Training Platforms
Mobile Websites
Mobile Applications
Tablet Applications
Custom Media Players
Event Branding
Extensive List of User Features
Site Templates and Customization
Compatible with All Devices and OS

Customer Service! The Tri-Digital team is fully committed to delivering an end-to-end solution for our clients. We understand there are a lot of components that affect the quality of our products and services. Over the years, we have established the most efficient, successful, and cost effective means of managing those elements. This experience results in the highest quality digital experience possible!

Vendor Management and Integration
Technical Specifications
Work Back Schedules
Extensive Knowledge of Industry

There are many ways to recreate your content in a digital format and we do not limit those possibilities – on the contrary, we can make anything possible! Just ask and we will work with you on your vision. Below is a list of some examples...

Session Overflow Solutions
Social Media Integration
Video Wall Experience

Mark Monrean

Roger Swearingen
Vice President, CTO

Hilary Laney

Lila Williams
Business Manager

Robert Burton
Operations Manager

Abel Tovar
Content Management

Adam Rice
Technical Specialist

Tim Daniels
Technical Specialist

Sid Fox
Technical Support Specialist

Eric Doyle
Event Manager

Linda Le
Virtual Event Manager

Jo Baca
Application Developer

Alex Georgescu

Rachel Kloster
Event Manager

Paramjit Kaur
Application Developer

Jiju John
Technical Project Manager

Evan Meeker
Digital Media Content Manager

Amanda Barott
Technical Specialist

Sean Byrne
Technical Specialist

Hugh Berry
Lead Producer

James Monrean
Technical Specialist

Arif Baig
Application Support Specialist

Staci Sykes
Operations Assistant

Joshua King
Application Developer

The Tri-Digital Leadership Team is very passionate about the success of our team as a group and as individuals. We are focused on supporting them as they continue to innovate, while also maintaining the core elements that have provided our achievements over the years: honesty, integrity, cooperation, and a “can do” mindset with every challenge that comes our way.

We work in a very technical and cutting edge industry with some of the top businesses in this field. We are able to maintain the level of service expected among these clients because of our team – we are proud to be leaders of such exceptional individuals and the company wouldn’t be where it is without them!

Our Technical Event Managers are some of the strongest in the field and continue to push the envelope with every project they manage. No ask is too much and no success is too small. They are a unique group of individuals, each brining their own set of talents to the table – all of which are very organized, detail oriented, fun-loving, technical, professional and eager for more!

This team has been trained to understand every element that affects the result of our products and it is their responsibility to educate the client of these requirements to ensure the highest quality product is achieved. They are patient and willing to go above and beyond to accomplish this goal, no matter what it takes. They are also VERY FUN to do business with, which is always a plus!

What a brilliant group of individuals! Tri-Digital has a very passionate, forward-thinking, innovative, and creative group of Developers and Designers. Our Development and Design teams understand from beginning-to-end what makes a successful end user experience and they work very closely with our technical team to ensure the deliverable accommodates the content being produced. They also understand the need to access our products from all possible devices and operating systems, which we have worked diligently to achieve...

This team sits at the core of the Tri-Digital business! We have been creating digital content since the beginning and perfected our abilities to capture the highest quality possible given any situation. The people who make up this talented team are committed, loyal, innovative and technically brilliant. Their experience and level of expertise in the field allow them to easily implement our processes in any environment, working with any organization.

They travel all around the world to accommodate the needs of our clients since their experiences are allocated in different locations all year round. They are responsible for provisioning and testing the necessary equipment, shipping it to the require destination, coordinating with the venues and applicable event vendors to allocate all the necessary specs for a successful setup and implementation finally they work all hours of the day at each experience to ensure everything is captured 100% and delivered on time. Very impressive!

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Tri-Digital recently completed production for Microsoft’s TechReady 17 conference held at the Washington State Convention Center and the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle, WA. Tri-Digital has been involved with TechReady since its inception in 2005, providing our encoding, webcasting and development services for the event which takes place every six months. This event is the principal internal technic...